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Welcome to the GRAFF Zone.

CLark GrafF ~ VFX Supervisor - Producer, Workflow designer, DIT, Editor, Onset Colourist, Camera operator, Musician & all round cool guy.

GRAFF Network Services ~ Toronto, Vancouver, Ventura, CA based equipment rentals, engineering company.

GRAFF Films ~ Vancouver BC based production company.

Work, Equipment, Philosophy.

  1. Work Hard
  2. Use the Best Equipment
  3. Keep an open and agile mind.
This site will provide you with links to some of the more notable work we have accomplished over the years, links to our gear and other sites with usable information on a variety of subjects.
I hope you find it interesting & informative or at least not boring.
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Live Real Time Motion Capture

We accomplished this feat in 2002. Live, real time, interactive to 104 TV Stations across the US. Notice that the audio is driving phonemes for the mouth and the camera is tracked in real time as well. Imagine how much better it is now with 10 years of hardware development behind us. Try to ignore the idiot female newscaster.
see video

2003 Ozzfest Short Films

Some really good fun at our facility in Marina del Rey for 2 days with Ozzy Osbourne. We did 6 short comedy films based on Ozzy and Jebb Brien (the Director) warped versions of current films, TV shows and music videos.                THIS IS “X” Rated SO BE AWARE! IT IS OZZY after all.
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The Matrix Sequels

We had quite a few jobs, a few included building this 50’ x 50’ x 35’ rig for the Motion Capture Unit.  (on 11 different occasions on 2 continents). see video

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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Our mission was to, FOR THE FIRST TIME ANYWHERE shoot 35mm principal photography and motion capture simultaneously. The folks at Motion Analysis were invaluable in this.    MGLA Description   see video

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